How everything started

So I am currently one of the small group leaders and last year, we felt God has called us out to serve in a different country for a 10 day mission trip. We prayed about it and we felt God highlighted Philippines and India.  I personally have some connections with ministries in the Philippines so it makes more sense for us to go there.  However, as we continued to pray as a team, we all felt the Lord told us India is where we are supposed to serve.  We later got connected with a ministry under Every Nation called Love and Care Ministries in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India ( The founder is Yesupadam and he has an amazing testimony. Feel free to find out here

As a result, we have a team of 10 young adults who are committed to serve in India from Aug 11th to 22nd.  I would like to invite you to support me and partner with me as we take the love of the Christ to India. Prayer and financial support are needed.

So here is the crew!


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