So to keep you guys updated.  Our fundraiser event was a success.  We sold a lot of things and still have a lot of things left.  Praise God for all the people He brought and all the people that helped.  I had a great time but seriously, it was quite tiring but totally worth it.  So we raised about 2200 USD for the team and the leaders and I decided we will use partially of that fund for the team emergency and give the rest to the ministry!  Praise God for his faithfulness.  To be honest, it was way more than what I expected.  We really have to count on His promises than ours!  Proven again and again!

We also had dinner with Emily last Friday and she ended up giving me 30 USD which was how much the dinner cost! haha I am still thankful but really in my head, I am thinking “really!!!! It is hard and I really don’t know how missionaries like Bertina, Clay and others do this???” I asked myself this question! Maybe I haven’t really spread the word out and asked as boldly as I should have.  This is definitely the area that I need to work on and need God to help me!

fund rasier